Have You Tried the Chicken Man?

Since we first moved to lovely Singapore, people have been asking me if I have tried the chicken man. So many people asked, in fact, that I decided I really must try the chicken man! Given how expensive store bought meat is here, I had nothing to lose. So glad I tried it.

Who is the chicken man? Mr. Wee is a local guy who raises his own chickens, and brings them to your door like the milk man must have done way back before I was born. As far as I know, though, nobody accuses children of looking like the chicken man. The best feature of the chicken man, though, is that he slaughters your chickens the day he brings the to your house, so they are as fresh as can be. It appeals to my “buying local” sensibilities.

He cuts the chicken as you wish, and you can order just parts if you so desire. I got boneless skinless chicken breasts, leg quarters and whole chickens. For $50, we got enough for our family plus helper to eat for 8 meals. Given that ONE chicken breast at Cold Storage is more than $5, this is a whale of a deal. We got 2 whole chickens, ten leg quarters and 8 breasts. Each pair comes wrapped in plastic, so we can freeze the items we won’t need for a few days. The best thing, though, is that the chickens can be requested American style, which is short for missing the disgusting parts that remind you it was once a live creature, like the head and feet. When I placed my order, I requested American style. He understood what that meant, and true to his word, no feet showed up at my door.

You, too, can have the chicken man deliver to your home in Singapore. Simply call Mr. Wee and Lorna at +65 9139 2189.

We have had chicken every night this week in our curries, roasted, and grilled. The verdict? Fresh, tender and juicy. I couldn’t be more pleased. Life in Singapore is really an adventure.


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